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Larson Management Inc. has made a firm commitment to safety and the environment as part of our company’s operations. Larson’s commitment towards safety is for the protection of our employees, clients, property, the environment and the public.

Our statistics speak for themselves and are materially below industry recorded statistics. We are COR certified and we strive to provide all of our staff with the proper training and tools needed for them to do their work safely. We are also registered with ISN and Comply Works. One of our policies to ensure everyone’s safety is our Drug and Alcohol program. Our other policies and programs include Training on Hazard Assessment, Near Miss Reporting and Defensive Driving techniques. We make sure that everyone has the proper training for the jobs that they do including H2S Alive, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, First Aid, WHMIS and over 50 other training programs that are done at meetings and are available to everyone through our online service provider Safety Sync.

The company believes that the positive impact of training will provide the worker with knowledge and skill and in return hopes to receive knowledge, skill and motivation.


Larson Management Inc. is commited to establishing programs to promote and enhance safety in the workplace. Larson recognizes the safety risk caused by drug and alcohol impairment at work. Larson has implemented a substance abuse policy to support our commitment to safety and to meet our responsibilites to the working environment, the health and safety of employees, co-workers and the general public.

Our Substance Abuse Policy combines drug and alcohol testing with education, supervisor training and access to substance abuse assistance programs. This Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Program has been implemented to support our commitment to safety and to meet our responsibilites to employees.