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Clean Oil

A large percentage of crude oil in Canada requires transportation by truck. Larson Management Inc. is an approved and preferred carrier into many sales destinations including IPL, Flint Hills Hardisty, and all Torq Transloading facilities. Regardless of volume or destination, we provide the highest level of transportation services with our focus being customer service and safety.

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Emulsion Hauling

From well head to battery or infield transfers Larson Management Inc. is approved into 3rd party terminals throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

We would be happy to provide suggestions of other possible destinations to ensure producer efficiencies.

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Pressure Truck

Pressure trucks pump fluids at extremely high pressure. It can be used for pressure testing pipe, wellheads, chemical and acid injections and fluid pumping for coil tubing. Our pressure truck will also push flow lines, load casings and fill methanol and dewatering lines.

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Produced Water

Larson has a dedicated fleet of equipment specifically for hauling fresh and produced water to ensure no contamination. We offer 24 hour service and are capable of providing suggestions on fresh water sources to our customers.

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