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  • Torq Transloading Inc. recognizes that safety is paramount on railway sites and that railway transloading operations requires that safety issues be given the maximum priority. All employees and contractors associated with this type of work are fully aware of this requirement.

    Torq and its team have the highest commitment to Safety and Environment; above all it is our number one priority.

    We have a comprehensive safety program that ensures a safe work environment for our employees. Our employees take ownership of our safety program and work together to abide by all company and customer safety policies and procedures. In addition, Torq works with all governing agencies to keep current and in compliance with all legislations, regulations, standards and rules.

    Torq's safety objective is to create an injury and incident free workplace that protects the staff, customers, the general public and all company assets along with becoming the safest industrial railway transloading operation in the industry.

    We are fully COR certified in Alberta and Saskatchewan with our certifying partner being Energy Safety Canada (Formerly ENFORM). Torq is also a registered member of AVETTA, ISNetworld and ComplyWorks where we take pride in maintaining high ratings.

  • Training

    Torq employees get the proper training to do their jobs safely. An intensive new employee orientation training includes:

    • TDG Training
    • WHMIS
    • Railway Association of Canada training course
    • Railway Association of Canada RAC training for all operators
    • First aid and CPR
    • H2S Alive
    • Site specific orientations from our customers
    • Erail safety course
    • Hazard Assessment training
    • PPE Training
    • Specific training in the Transloading of Crude
    • Road evaluations
  • Equipment

    Here at Torq we only supply our employees with the most up-to-date, state of the art equipment, allowing them to do their work safely and efficiently.

    One example is the Sky Eye meters we use to measure transloading of commodities such as crude oil. Sky Eye meters are manufactured in Alberta, Canada, and are built with the latest technologies to ensure accurate readings for volume measurements. We aslo conduct flash point testing for all our sites to ensure all equipment continues to operate efficiently.

    Site employees are outfitted with proper PPE that includes the following:

    • Fire resistant coveralls
    • CSA approved footwear
    • CSA approved Hard Hats
    • Gloves, protective eyewear, hearing protection
    • First aid and CPR
    • H2S Monitors
  • Policies

    Torq has a comprehensive code of business conduct.

    All employees at Torq Transloading are prepared everyday to perform their jobs ethically and to the best of their abilities. Torq Transloading and its employees operate in a way that serves our customers, adds value to our owners, and preserves our reputation for trust. This code of business conduct covers, in general terms, some of the various situations that employees may encounter. While it is not possible to cover every situation that employees may face, there are certain basic principles to which every employee adheres to.

    Alcohol and Drugs policy:

    • Employees and contractors are expected to be fit for work and to perform their job duties in a safe manner and in all ways consistent with established policies
    • Torq expects all employees and contractors to assist in maintaining a work environment that is free of alcohol and drugs
    • The use of alcohol or drugs may be viewed as a breach of contract or a condition of termination of employment
    • Disciplinary action may be taken up to and including termination of employment or contract for cause. The responsibility for successfully implementing this policy is share by each Torq employee and each contractor
    • Possession, use or offering for sale of alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia on company sites or in company vehicles is strictly prohibited

    Download Occupational Substance Abuse Policy
    Download HSE Policy